Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program 2022

Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program 2022

What is the Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program?

The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program (AFFBAP) is an initiative to help families with limited financial resources to obtain essential furniture that may otherwise be out of reach. The 2021 edition of the program provides families with free beds and bedding sets to qualifying households on a first come, first served basis.

Who is Eligible?

The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program is open to families with limited financial resources who meet certain criteria. Eligibility is determined by a home visit and/or a completed online application. Participation in certain government assistance programs is a criteria for eligibility.

What Kind of Beds are Available?

The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program provides a range of mattresses, bed frames, and bedding sets to qualifying households. The exact items vary from year to year and depend on product availability.

How Do I Apply?

Applications for the 2021 Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program are available online at Families must submit the completed forms by the designated deadline to be considered for the program.

What Types of Payment are Accepted?

The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program does not accept payment for the products provided, as the items are offered free of charge to eligible families.

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Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program 2022

Introducing the Program

Ashley Furniture, one of the foremost American furniture makers and retailers, has recently announced a special charity initiative for 2022,coining the “Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program”. The purpose of the program is to provide beds and essential bedding to families in need. Never has Ashley Furniture been more committed to making a difference in its communities and helping the most vulnerable citizens in them.

Donating Beds and Bedding to Families in Need

Just like the program’s name suggests, Ashley Furniture is donating beds and essential bedding such as sheets, pillowcases, and blankets to families across North America. This generous and heartfelt initiative is aimed at those affected by poverty or other circumstances that render them unable to purchase a bed of their own.

Partnering with Non-Profit Organizations

This noble effort is possible only due to Ashley Furniture’s ongoing work with non-profit organizations and charities, including the National Coalition for the Homeless. Ashley Furniture’s partnership with the National Coalition for the Homeless has become a cornerstone for this program. It provides much needed resources and technical assistance (such as fitting beds into tiny apartments or refugee housing): something that is essential in ensuring that the project succeeds.

The Program’s Impact on Area Communities

The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program 2022 is a worthwhile effort, serving to improve the lives of many families that face poverty and other hard-fought struggles. Not only will the provision of beds and bedding provide a basic physical comfort and safety, but it also serves to bring a sense of self-esteem and dignity to those in need.

Ashley Furniture is Committed to Its Community

With this plan, Ashley Furniture is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to its community and to its core values. As the company says, “We are proud to give families an opportunity to create a safe and inviting space of comfort and support, free from some of the worries of everyday life.”

Example of Generous Donations

The impact of Ashley Furniture’s donations can already be seen in many communities across North America. For example, across the Hudson Valley region in New York, the Salvation Army received over 300 beds in late April 2021, allowing them to provide beds to over 140 families that desperately had a need for them.

How Can I Help?

If you’d like to help reach Ashley Furniture’s goal for 2022, there are a few things available for you to do. First, you can participate in the Ashley Furniture donations program. Every little bit helps in achieving Ashley Furniture’s goal of providing essential items such as new beds and bedding to those in need.

Second, you can help spread the word about the program. Tell your friends, family, or colleagues about Ashley Furniture’s initiative and encourage them to give time or money to the endeavor. Your help in providing awareness and education of the program can ensure that families in need get the beds and breathing space that they desperately need.


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Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program 2022

Organization Changes Lead to Expansion of Program

Ashley Furniture Industries, the leading furniture and home furnishing manufacturer, is expanding its longstanding free bed assistance program in 2022. The organization will provide free beds and mattresses to charitable organizations, hospitals, educational institutions and the elderly based on requests for new, gently used or refurbished items.

Conditions for Free Beds

In order to qualify for a free bed from Ashley Furniture Industries, organizations must meet all of the following criteria. The organization must:

  • Be a charity, hospital, educational institution or serve the elderly
  • Select from a variety of new, gently used and refurbished beds and mattresses
  • Provide verification of their 501(c)(3) status, tax-exempt status or 501(c) status
  • Provide organization contact information including name, telephone number, email address and mailing address

Distribution Process

Requests for beds and mattresses can be submitted through the Ashley Furniture website. Once the request is asked, representatives from Ashley Furniture contact the organization within 48 hours to discuss the request in further details. Depending on the organization’s location, Ashley will then arrange delivery within one to two weeks.

Providing Ongoing Support

The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program has been providing support to individuals and organizations in need since 1999. Since its launch, Ashley has provided nearly 2 million beds and mattresses through the program. The organization looks forward to continuing to receive requests for assistance and continuing to help those in need.


Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program

Overview of Program Benefits

The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program is a wonderful initiative designed to help those in need receive access to a bed without cost. This program, offered nationwide by Ashley Furniture, is designed to help those who cannot afford a bed, but need one in order to rest and be comfortable.

Who Can Benefit from this Program?

To be eligible for the program, individuals should contact their local Ashley Furniture store and provide evidence that demonstrates their need for assistance. Individuals must not have enough income to purchase a bed, or have been affected by disasters such as natural, economic or medical.

What Does This Program Offer?

This program offers eligible individuals a new bed comparable to any Ashley Furniture bed. This bed includes a mattress, box spring, frame, and headboard. It will be the same size, style, and design that any Ashley Furniture customer can purchase in the store.

How Can Individuals Sign Up?

To sign up, individuals should go directly to their local Ashley Furniture store, or contact their customer care representative at 1-800-ASHLEY. During the visit or phone call, the individual will discuss their need for assistance. Ashley Furniture personnel will assess each situation on a case-by-case basis and determine eligibility.

Finding Support

Ashley Furniture’s Free Bed Assistance Program is just one of the many ways that Ashley Furniture is showing its commitment to giving back in their communities. They are advocates for using home and living to build better lives for the people in the communities they serve.

For more information, or to inquire about other programs that Ashley Furniture offers, please visit their website.

1. Ashley Furniture HomeStore – Ashley Furniture Social Impact Initiatives

Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program

What Is the Program?

The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program is an annual program dedicated to helping those in need to purchase beds and other sleep essentials. Through the program, Ashley Furniture donates beds to not-for-profit organizations in the U.S. to help support those in need.

Who Can Benefit from This Program?

This program is available to not-for-profit organizations who need assistance providing beds to those in need. Organizations that are eligible include shelters, youth organizations, public institutions, and churches.

Organizations applying for the program must demonstrate the need of those they are benefiting and show that they are working to improve the quality of life for those in need.

What Type of Beds Can Be Donated?

Through the Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program, organizations are eligible to receive Ashley Signature Design beds that are up to queen size. These beds are not limited to queen size and may include twin size, full size, and king size beds.

Organizations are also eligible to receive mattresses, foundations, and mattress protectors donated through the program.

How to Apply for the Program

Organizations interested in applying for the program must fill out and submit the online application form before the program deadline. All applications are reviewed by Ashley Furniture and a team of experts before an official decision is made regarding the donation of beds.

The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program is currently accepting applications until January 31, 2022.


Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program:

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