Places That Donate Furniture To Needy Families

Donating Furniture to Needy Families

Ways to Help Families in Need

It’s no secret that poverty and certain economic hardships can leave families in a precarious situation. Too often, families are obliged to go without basic necessities, including furniture. If you have gently-used furniture that you’re no longer using, then you can greatly benefit someone in need by donating it.

Organizations to Donate to

There are a few ways to connect with needy families who are in need of furniture. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill accept furniture donations. Local charities may also exist in your area that accept furniture donations. You can also reach out to local churches, homeless shelters, and even veterans’ associations for referral services.

Create a List of Items to Donate

It’s important to be aware of the types of items you’re donating. If it’s an old couch, for example, make sure it is in good condition. Check for any tears, stains, and other damages. Coats, blankets, bedding, and other items must also be in good condition before donating. Make sure to create a list of all the items you’re donating to ensure they all reach the destination safely.

Schedule a Pickup

When you’re ready to donate your furniture, contact the organization to schedule a pickup or arrange for the organization to send personnel to collect the items from you. Most organizations will provide appeal letters that help encourage donations. They may also provide donation forms for tax deductions.

Wrap Up Your Donation

Once the items have been removed from your home, take the necessary steps to wrap up the donation. Make sure to remove any old furniture or bedding pieces from your home, as they may be a health hazard. Then, make sure to keep your donation receipt for tax deductions and ensure that all items are safely delivered to the organization or family in need.

Donating furniture is a great way to help families in need. If you have any gently-used furniture items that you no longer need, consider donating them to a worthy cause. With a few simple steps, you can help ensure that a family has the necessary furniture to create a comfortable home.


Places That Donate Furniture To Needy Families

Local Donation Options

Charitable Organizations

Charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army and Goodwill are well-known for offering furniture donations for those in need. For example, Habitat for Humanity accepts furniture donations from around the country, which are used to reduce the cost of furniture for families in need. The Salvation Army and Goodwill have also been known to offer furniture donations to those who are unable to afford it.

Discount Stores

While discount stores are not typically associated with donating furniture, stores such as IKEA often accept furniture donations, which is then given to families in need. These stores will nearly always have a list of local organizations that accept furniture donations, which can then be used to provide furniture to those in need.

Religious Organizations

Religious organizations such as churches and synagogues often accept furniture donations and will usually provide them to those in need. Many religious organizations have a charitable arm, which helps to allocate donations to those in need. These donations can range from furniture to food and other basic needs.

Online Donation Options

Furniture Banks

Furniture banks are organizations that operate in many cities and countries. They provide furniture donations to families who have either recently moved into a home or who have suffered a financial hardship. Furniture banks collect donations of furniture from individuals and businesses and provide them to those in need.


ReStores are retail outlets that are operated by Habitat for Humanity. They provide a wide range of second-hand furniture that can be used by those in need. These stores are located across the United States, with many locations in large cities. They provide furniture donations to those who are unable to afford it.


Donating Furniture To Needy Families

Helping Those In Need To Find Comfort and Joy

Many families in need experience difficulty in providing for their basic needs, including providing furniture for their home. There is good news – there are plenty of organizations that provide donated furniture to these families to help make their home complete.

How Can I Donate Furniture?

Depending on your location, certain charities or organizations provide furniture donation services. These organizations often take furniture donations from individuals, stores, or companies who no longer need them, and then redistribute them to families in need. Local religious or community-based organizations may collect donations from the public and then distribute them to their neediest members.

Where To Donate Furniture Near Me?

Many area non-profits, such as thrift stores, may offer furniture donations for people in need. Furniture banks and other charity organizations may also offer donations of gently used furniture, such as Mattress Firm’s “Out with the Old, In with the New” furniture collection program.

Veteran Family Furniture Donations

There are non-profit organizations that serve veterans in need of furniture donations. These organizations provide a variety of furniture donations to help veterans who are backing on their feet. Some of these organizations include the National Veterans Foundation and the Disabled American Veterans.

Furniture For Families In Need Resource List

If you are looking for how you can help a family in need get furniture, here is a list of organizations you can contact:

  • Purple Heart donation pickup
  • Salvation Army donation pick-up
  • Furniture Banks of America
  • National Veterans Foundation
  • Disabled American Veterans Furniture Program
  • Habitat for Humanity Donation Center
  • Goodwill Furniture Donation

Depending on your location, there may be local charities or non-profits that offer furniture donations for people in need. It is important to do your research and find the organization that best suits your needs. Donating to these organizations can help make a difference in these families’ lives.

Here are some more resources you might find helpful:

h1 Places That Donate Furniture To Needy Families


.h2 Charitable and Nonprofit Organizations

.h3 Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a well-known charitable organization that has centers in the United States and across the globe. They offer a number of services to those in need, including providing donations of furniture for struggling families. If you need furniture, you can contact your local Salvation Army to seek assistance.

.h4 Goodwill

Another excellent option for furniture donations is Goodwill. Goodwill offers many of the same services as the Salvation Army, such as donation pickups, home remodeling assistance, and donations of furniture to those in need. Goodwill also has stores across the United States, so if you don’t have a Salvation Army center near you, you may be able to find furniture at a Goodwill location.

.h5 Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is another charity that provides furniture to those in need. Habitat for Humanity works to improve communities through the construction of new homes for families in need. Donations to Habitat for Humanity are used to help build these homes, and furniture donations are also accepted in some cases. Contact your local Habitat for Humanity to see what donations are accepted.

.h6 Local Shelters

Local shelters are another option for furniture donation. While not all shelters accept donations of furniture, many do in order to provide beds, couches and other furniture items to those in need. Do some research into the types of donations accepted by the local shelters in your area.


Donating Furniture To Needy Families

What Types of Furniture Can Donors Give?

Donors can give furniture such as beds, couches, chairs, tables, lamps, dressers and bookshelves. All of these items can benefit a family in need. Other furniture items that could be donated include mattresses, box springs, baby cribs, children’s furniture and even outdoor furniture.

Where Should Donors Turn To Donate Furniture?

Goodwill and The Salvation Army thrift stores are two of the most commonly used donation centers for furniture. This is because these organizations are designed to offer discounted furniture to those in need.

Other organizations that accept furniture donations include Habitat for Humanity, Ashley HomeStore and Room to Grow. There are also many local homeless shelters and temporary housing organizations that may accept furniture as donations as well.

Benefits of Donating

Donating furniture to those in need is a great way to help out the community. The furniture may be used by a family moving into a new home. It may also be used to replace furniture for those who have experienced a disaster such as a fire or flood.

Donations may also provide a valuable service to individuals who cannot afford to buy furniture at the present time. Donating is also better for the environment than simply disposing of furniture, as the furniture may still be used by another person or family.

Tips for Donating Furniture

When donating furniture, it is important to make sure the furniture is clean and in good condition. Any furniture in need of repairs should not be donated. Also, furniture that has been treated for bug infestations or previously used for smoking should not be donated.

It is also important for donors to fill out appropriate paperwork at the time of donation. Most donation centers will ask for basic contact information from the donor. Donors should also be prepared to pay a small fee, as donations may require special handling or transportation costs.



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Habitat for Humanity:

Ashley HomeStore:

Room to Grow:

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